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Easter has fallen early this year and while we have been selling a few summer bedding plants (for those that want an early start to their hanging baskets), the threat of frost is still very real, all through this month and maybe beyond.

It’s therefore quite early to be talking about tomatoes, cucumbers and melons but that breed of keen gardener, who like to be first to the table with their prized fruit and vegetables, now is the time to get your skates on and your greenhouses frost protected, if you want to make the most of this year’s growing season.

Very early days yet but we have a stunning range of tomato plants in this week and a few other greenhouse crops, such as melons and cucumbers. Soils are now perfect to start off brassicas, lettuce and other field grown crops but please be careful to harden off your plants before leaving them without protection. Greenhouses, cold frames and horticultural fleece are required to ensure a sensible start to the growing season.

Our range of vegetable plants can be viewed by clicking here

Our range of bedding plants can be viewed by clicking here. (Six pack bedding is due in next week)

NB. Stock levels are low at this time of year but as our webshop is linked to our tills, it is sometimes sensible to order online to “click and collect” to ensure that you get what you want. Vegetable plants will be delivered to us weekly but it is already looking as if bedding plants will be in short supply this year.

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