We press and bottle over 30 varieties of apples and pears that are we grow on our farm. We sell our farm pressed juices to wholesale customers and retailers throughout the Westcountry. If you wish to become a stockist, please get in touch with Jonathan 07778 894546.

Existing Wholesale Customers can order by clicking here.


All our class 1 dessert apples and pears are marketed through our grower owned co-operative, Wye Fruit Ltd. We haven’t operated our own pack house since the 1970’s and regret that we can no longer supply local greengrocers. We can service small orders from our farm shop and when in season, you can find a selection of our fruit listed on Somerset Local Food Direct web site.

All our Cider apples are now pressed either by us to be made into apple cider vinegar or, by our neighbours, to be made into Craft Cider.


Make use of your own surplus apple crop. We can press and bottle juice made from your own apples. See what we can offer and how much it might cost by clicking here.

We offer a larger scale juice pressing service and can supply fresh juice in 220ltr, 600ltr or 1000ltr containers filled with juice pressed from your own apples or 2nd class apples that we have grown on our own farm. Please call Jonathan on 07778 894546 if you are interested in this service.


Although we don’t product our own cider (yet), we do produce large quantities of apple cider vinegar (ACV). We ferment our apple juice into cider before immediately exposing it to air, filtered through a muslin cloth. By adding some of our own “mother”, we can influence the flavour that is so important for good quality ACV. We then leave it to mature for at least 3 years to develop its distinctive flavour and acidity. ACV has superb culinary qualities but is also has health benefits and has long been used as a cleaning agent! We sell into all these markets. If you are interested in purchasing our ACV, please get in contact.


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Our apples, pears and cider fruit that are grown on the farm are transported at harvest to their final destination. Dessert fruit that is destined for retail sale is delivered to Wye Fruit Ltd in Herefordshire and Cider apples are either pressed by us to be made in to apple cider vinegar, or taken to our neighbour, where they are pressed into juice and sold into the Craft Cider market.

. This is why we are no longer able to wholesale apples from the farm.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The Farm shop is a real hub”

After a week’s holiday in the village. The farm shop is a real hub of the village and we are really going to miss the friendly service and excellent produce.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Well stocked and friendly”

Always well stocked with fresh local produce. Great coffee shop with home baked treats. Friendly staff always ready with a smile and chat.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fabulous Apple Juice”

Fabulous personalised apple juice for your wedding last Saturday! Only great reviews for your Cox and Bramley mix from our guests!


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