The recent fine weather has got gardeners excited early this year. The Engish weather is fickle and there are bound to be hic-ups over the next few weeks. Frost mornings are helpful at keeping bugs at bay but will nip anything that raises its head too early.

The plant centre has recently taken delivery of it’s first spring bedding plants and shrubs. We are well stocked with compost and most essential gardening extra and eager to help anyone and everyone, who enjoyed their gardens so much last year.

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Top priority for working in cold (and possibly wet) weather is a good pair of gloves. We have a small range that covers most requirements, from heavy duty riggers, several types of waterproof gardening gloves and high quality leather gloves, offering protection and dexterity for the most delicate gardening jobs. One pair has smart touch fingers, so you can use your smart phone without taking them off!

The extraordinary National Lockdown last March saw the nation trapped at home during one of the most wonderful Spring season’s for many years. Many people were furloughed for the first time ever and more people than ever turned to gardening as a form of relaxation or therapy, to occupy themselves. The Pandemic had many unforeseen effects and one of those was on the garden centre trade.

Garden Centres were shut down one week and then discovered they were allowed to re-open online. Demand for bedding and vegetable plants skyrocketed and stocks very quickly ran out. Sales of compost doubled and replacement stock was difficult to find. While supplies have mostly returned to normal, there will still be shortages in some departments this spring. One notable shortage last summer were garden canes. In fact, we were not able to get any garden canes after March or through the summer at all. We have just had our first delivery of 8ft garden canes in almost 12 months and there is no guarantee that supply will be unlimited this year. On hearing that news, we made sure to collect ours from the wholesaler last Sunday, rather than risk missing out.

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Like most others, we were a little caught out by the move to internet shopping last April and after a hurried attempt to move compost and bedding plant sales online. we invested in an full blow online shop in June. While the flurry had died down by September, we continue to receive regular orders online and many others are using it as an indication of what is available, before making their essential shopping trip. It is still a work in progress and as photos are added and new stock comes in, there will be regular updates posted through the spring and summer. Having just had our annual stock take at the end of February, the stock online should be quite accurate.

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Our final notice is about materials we sell by the metre. While many gardening fabrics and nets are now sold in pre-sized packs, we prefer to offer these items for sale by the metre. This is not only a cheaper way of purchasing but it also reduces waste and packaging almost completely. Please click on the photo below to see our full range and prices.

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