1pt Cider Vinegar

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Cases of 12 bottles can be made up of any combination of varieties with apple & pear juices.

Minimum quantity is 1
Step is 1

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The apples in our apple cider vinegar have all been grown on the farm, pressed on the farm, fermented on the farm and slowly allowed to mature as vinegar for at least 5 years.

This is cider vinegar with the highest provenance and highest quality flavour to give the best possible performance, no matter how you are going to use it.

We recommend our ACV as a high quality culinary ingredient for vinaigrette but ingesting one or two teaspoons a day (mix with honey and hot water to taste) will aid joint pain and reduce hunger pangs. 

The “live” mother is the natural constituent that makes ACV an active health ingredient and differs from manufactured vinegars, in which all live acetobacter have been removed.


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