According to Government advice, we have re-organised our site to allow for safe access and social distancing.

The main changes involve reversing our previous one-way system through the farm shop so that now customers enter the plant area from the car park and queue (if necessary) at the door to what was the coffee shop. When you get to position one in the queue, you can start to shop for fruit but must wait for a member of staff to give you the all clear to proceed further. There is a bell to attract our attention.

We have moved the tills so there is now a Click & Collect till by the Holy Cow Milk Machine. There is no access to the shop but if you have pre-ordered on the website or you are collecting bread or newspapers only, then this access will mean you avoid a queue for the shop, if there is one.

Signage is temporary at the moment and as we find out what information is missing, we will then get some made professionally.

Day one went well with a few teething problems and some useful and encouraging comments. Thank you all for your patience.

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